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Live healthy!  Feel Alive and Well -- you'd be amazed how much better you feel after reducing your salt intake.  Firegirl's ankles look thinner and feel great with these low sodium low salt products

Low Sodium, Low Salt means -- less than 140 mg or less per labeled serving

VERY Low Sodium, VERY Low Salt means -- less than 35 mg or less per labeled serving

Sodium Free, Salt Free means -- less than 5 mg or less per labeled serving and contains no ingredient that is sodium chloride.

Click here to see Low Sodium, Low Salt Foods and Sauces at taste good.  Please note that periodically manufactures change their recipe without telling us - so if you really REALLY reALLY want low sodium, low salt stuff, email or call us and we'll check the label

- Happy, Health, Spicy, Tasty Living!

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