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Customer Reviews of FireGirl Hot Sauce Catalog


As many of you may know FireGirl Hot Sauce Catalog started selling Hot Sauces, spicy Barbecue Sauces, sizzling Salsas, Mustards, Seasonings and all things hot and spicy in 1999. We started out as a Yahoo Store under the name of FireGirl.com and have recently forwarded our FireGirl.com shopping site to HotSauceCatalog.com. For over 10 years, FireGirl has maintained a TOP SERVICE rating from Yahoo as well as Shopzilla.com, from the very beginning. This is based on each of our customers being given the opportunity to rate us after ordering.


With our transistion to a new (non-Yahoo) shopping platform in April 2012, unfortunately we could not transfer the actual Yahoo system of comments, so we are doing the next best thing to help you get honest feedback about us until our new shopping platform can collect enough customer reviews of the New FireGirl Hot Sauce Catalog site -- That is to provide you with an excerpt of the ratings and comments we have recieved from our customers.


Here it goes:


  • It rocks!
  • Customer service is the best.  Whenever I have a question, I call and get a human being.  At the begining, when I was a newbie to heat, they have suggested choices that I have loved.  
  • The best part of your site, is that you ship all over the world. I am finally back in the states, but I am in the military. Before I was in Germany and Korea, and I could easily get online and have the best hot sauces and salsas and other things too, delivered right to my door.
  • I like the reviews the best.
  • You have a great website. You sound like you are a normal person
  • Your website is really full of information. Thank you for doing such a good job.
  • I really like the fact that Firegirl's Hot Sauce Catalog is the" ONE STOP SHOPPING CENTER " for folks who want to torture their taste buds!
  • I love the e-mails, keep you up to date on things to do with Hot Sauce.
  • I like the humorous descriptions and the great selections of hot sauces.
  • I love the sites rating of the sauces heat index and the colorful (or should I say flavorful) way of describing the multitude of flavors available!
  • The thing I like best about your website is that it isn't overloaded with graphics. I know that some computers and modems are fast enough these days to handle all the fancy graphics and do-dads that you see all the time, but I like to be able to go to your website, see what I need to see, and get to where I want to go without having to search the screen like a "Where's Waldo" game.
  • Your website is user friendly, highly informative, & your numerical 'heat' ratings of the sauces are reliable. thanks.
  • The thing I like most about the Fire Girl web site (after the cool logo) is the search option. I couldn't remember the name of this sauce I had at a party but it had mango in it. I searched for mango and found the Alive and Well Habanero Mango Hot sauce. Bingo.
  • I LOVE your site. If you're looking for Hot Sauce---you can find it at Firegirl's Hot Sauce Catalog.
  • You have a great website. The reviews are the best!
  • What I like most about FireGirl's Hot Sauce Catalog is the unsurpassed variety of heat and taste.
  • What I like most about FireGirl's Hot Sauce Catalog is the VAST selection of hot sauces and other condiments I've never heard of--not just the number of them, but the quality and flavorful selections. Having it broken down by heat rating is nice, too, as well as the reviews.
  • Variety, Quality and You!! That says it all. A hot sause Lover's Dream my favorite thing about your site is the down-to-earth way you write your mail, its like one of my buddies is writing me! and i love the access to all the different stuff.
  • The thing I like best about FireGirl's Hot Sauce Catalog is the reviews. Then I can try the sauce and see how my opinion differs. 
  • Gives me an idea of what to believe and not...when I see the same person rate multiple sauces, that is!!
  • The firegirl Hot Sauce Catalog website is useful for finding good information about hot sauces, and the search engine actually works well!! Its colorful, has user feedback, not just trite advertising blather, and gives a reliable rating as to heat (whether you agree with it or not, it IS consistent, and therefore useful)
  • Firgirl's Hot Sauce Reviews has some very interesting stories to read. And I like all those unique and wonderful hot sauces (the names are cool too).
  • What I enjoy most about your website is the variety of hot sauce you have available. I also enjoy the ease of navigation around your website.
  • Your web site is fantastic. Best parts are the graphics and the ease of use (user friendly interface).
  • What really appeals to me is the rating system and reviews. It helps to have an idea what a sauce might be like prior to purchasing the full size bottle to avoid disappontment.