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My ThanksGiving - a Pepper Hot Sauce Story

My Thanksgiving, (an Ode to The Cat in the Hat)

By Scott McLean

Wind is whistling,
Frost is glistening.
family and friends are over..
but someone is missing.

Turkey is warm and brown
Happiness is all around
All is right in the house...
except someone can not be found.

My wife is grinning
and the Cowboys are winning
Thanksgiving has arrived
but who could be missing?

It is not my wife
and it is not me
It is not my daughter
So who could it be?

I look around the table
and think with all my might
Thanksgiving is here
but something is not right.

There is no fighting
there is nothing but cheer
Wait..I know...
My mother-law isn't here!!

And now my memory is back
like someone lifted the fog
It was that cool little keychain
with my new bottle of Mad Dog

So for a Thanksgiving treat
with all being said..
My mother in-law was missing
with a key chain in her head!

Happy Holidays.

(Please note...this is just a joke, and I in no way want to harm my mother-in law. Again...just a joke)