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To Students with Love

FireMOM-says Celebrate! The Kids are Leaving for School!

Do not know about you guys, but I am saying Hallalohuh! My girls leaving for college in a couple of weeks..ahhhhhh. Love her to death but boy I am glad she is moving on the new stage in her life.

To remind her of the life lessons we taught her, I am sending her a special Care Package from FireGirl.com can you guess what it is? here is my note to her.

Baby, do not think of me as a Scorned Woman for being happy about letting you go. You have got so much ahead of you. Becoming a Weekend Warrior at all home games. Solving your own computer problems with FireGirl's Miracle Working Spam. Balancing life. Caring for yourself like when you are in Total Insanity, you should know to reach for Alternative Medicine, like Asbirin Extra Strength. Finally -- Remember you will get a the Wrath (Religious Experience) from mom, if you let some Idiot Boyz to give you an Endorphin Rush during Professor Phardtpounder's (Colon) Cleaning session.

Keep Alive and Well

- love Mom (alias FireMOM)

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